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Welcome to Brantleys Revolution Martial Arts!
4670 B Central Way, Fairfield, CA 94534
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Revolution Training and Martial Arts has been teaching and training students since 1996. We teach students of all ages and abilities. We start at Pre-School and Kindergarten (3 1/2 - 6) with a curriculum designed especially for that age group (little guys don't go to the same class as teenagers). We continue with programs specifically for Elementary, Middle School, High School, as well as College age through adults. We certainly hope you'll give us a call and come in and give a class a try. Please select the program below that interests you and your family and read a bit more. As always, we invite you or your child to try a class at no charge and experience the revolution for yourself!

             Select the program that interests you and your family.
Tiny Tigers -- Pre-School through Kindergarten, ages 3 1/2 and up*
It's tough to find preschool and kindergarten activities that are structured and where children learn an actual skill. 
At Tiny Tigers kids learn REAL martial arts as well as self-discipline, confidence,
courtesy (as well as a host of other life skills) and social skills such as how to participate in a group while 
working on your own independent abilities.

Revolution Kids -- Elementary through Middle School*
Karate for kids can be structured and fun. There is no need to be scared of the old "cobra kai" style ala Karate Kid. Students can have fun learning
in a nice, clean, air-conditioned (or heated in the winter) facility. In our Martial Art classes for kids
they learn independently and still learn the importance of teamwork. Do you have a budding actor or a student that likes individual sports like cross-country, tennis, or golf?
This is a great place to allow them to learn at their own rate, but still feel like they are part of something bigger. Have a student that is a great team player? Then this would be a
great place to work on those leadership skills! Here they can be the star and not have to worry about their chance to hit, kick or carry the ball.

    Teens and Adults -- Exiting Middle School, High School, College Adults, and
Senior Adults
We often ask our young students, which is harder...being a white belt or being a black belt. Most often they answer being a black belt, but we'd like to dispel that myth. 
The first class you take is the hardest. Just like taking a cross-fit, zumba, yoga, or pilates class for the first time, you don't know what to expect.
But don't worry, everyone at Revolution Martial Arts from the Masters to the youngest students are here to help you out. If you're not sure, bring a friend to 
your first class to try it out! We have a wide variety of teen and adult students learning karate from teens in school, to parents and professionals, singles to retirees.
At the price of FREE for your first martial art class, you'll only regret not giving it a try!

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